What is your cancellation policy?

For all PRIVATE trips, If you cancel the reservation within 7 days before the pickup date, 50% of the total balance is non refundable, and any difference between the 50% amount and any payments already made will be automatically charged to the card on file or paid by the customer. If you cancel within 48 hours before pickup date, 100% of the total balance is non refundable, and any remaining balance will be automatically charged to the card on file or paid by the customer.

For all PUBLIC trips, if a customer cancels the reservation 48 HOURS OR MORE IN ADVANCE from the scheduled pickup time, 100% IS REFUNDABLE. If a customer cancels WITHIN 48 HOURS OF PICKUP TIME, 100% IS NON REFUNDABLE.

Where can we get picked up from? Anywhere in Austin at your personal address, and if outside our default area we will let you know if there is any additional cost before running your card.

What is not allowed? Styrofoam and glass and bad attitudes.

What type of vehicle will I be in? An SUV, Van, or for larger groups your own Bus.  Drinking is allowed in all of our vehicles.

What are common times and how long does the float last? Departing from pick up at 10am, 11am, 1230pm or 130pm.  Float time averages 3 hours.  From start to finish (pickup to drop-off back in Austin) plan on 5.5 hours.

What if I want to drive to the venue myself? There are several local tube rental companies in the area.

Is the float family friendly? We suggest going any day other than a Saturday.

What is the total price for the private trip with gratuity and tax and everything included? Total price all in for group of 22 or less comes to $92.70. ——— private $90 or $92.70 including cc fee

Will our vehicle pick us up from wherever we are staying during our trip? Yes we will pick you up and drop you off from your location if you select the private option. As long as it’s within the Austin City Limits there’s no additional charges.

Does the cost of the trip include tubes for everyone? Does it include a floating cooler? Yes, tubes for everybody to float in are included, as well as a cooler setup for private which includes the cooler tube, the cooler itself, and ice. All you have to do is bring your beverages.

What all will we need to bring to make this successful? Might be good to include what not to bring/do as well. The only thing that you cannot bring is styrofoam or glass, and some things that might make your trip more enjoyable is a waterproof bag or a waterproof box if you don’t have a waterproof phone so that someone can bring that along, and then it is a little bit Rocky getting in and out so if you want to bring flip flops to River shoes, but not required as once you get in its smooth sailing from there.

What if I am not sure how many people are going? Book with the conservative amount, meaning the amount of passengers you think are a sure bet.  We can always add more people later, and just need a final headcount by 48 hours prior to pickup.

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