What is your cancellation policy?
Deposit is non refundable unless inclement weather forces us to cancel.  We also offer the ability to switch to a Wine/Brewery/Distillery Tour!

Where can we get picked up from?
Anywhere in Austin at your personal address, and if outside our default area we will let you know if there is any additional cost before running your card.

What is not allowed?
Styrofoam and glass and bad attitudes.

What type of vehicle will I be in?
An SUV, Van, or for larger groups your own Bus.  Drinking is allowed in all of our vehicles.

What are common times and how long does the float last?
Departing from pick up at 10am, 11am, 1230pm or 130pm.  Float time averages 3 hours.  From start to finish (pickup to drop-off back in Austin) plan on 5.5 hours.

What if I want to drive to the venue myself?
There are several local tube rental companies in the area.

Is the float family friendly?
We suggest going any day other than a Saturday.