About Us

For The Energetic Ones

While we can take you to float the San Marcos or Guadalupe rivers, we do have our own facility in San Marcos that is the largest tubing facility in Texas. We have a huge beach area right next to the river and across from the other tubing places in San Marcos, and this float is considered one of the best for a social type atmosphere and party type atmosphere.

For Those Seeking Relaxation

We can take you to a more peaceful tranquil stretch of the San Marcos river that is a little more family oriented to. This is perfect for those looking for an easy float with no rapids at all, crystal clear waters, and less party goers around.

Discount Prices and Premium Service

With our own venue and exclusive agreements with multiple tubing facilities in New Braunfels and San Marcos, we can pass on our savings we receive to your group. Not only is everything included in the package price, but you also get a party bus or limo ride where drinking is allowed to and from venue, all for a great price. We do so many of these trips during the summer that we know how to streamline the process, and you save on transportation costs since this is our specialty.

It Just Makes Sense

Not only is it all a great deal and you do not have to worry about anything other than putting on sunscreen, but it is also the safest option. Why risk driving home after having a great time? Instead, enjoy yourself and go with the best and let us take care of the rest. From pickup to dropoff we’ve got you covered.

Group Tickets Discounts Available Starting at: $54